Business Cases 2017

Read all about the business cases and participating companies of the New Business Challenge 2017.

The business cases of 2018 will be updated in April.


Cargill is a global agro-business corporation, that has been buying cocoa from Ghana for over 40 years and has been processing beans since 2008 and therefore exports raw beans, cocoa butter and powder from Ghana. Surplus capacity beans are exported to other destinations for further processing. Cargill recently started a Licensed Buying Company directly sourcing beans from farmers and then supplying to the Cocoa Board Of Ghana. The latter is responsible as sole buyer from LBC’s, supplier to local processors and export to world markets for beans. Cocoa is one of Ghana’s main export products, but the cocoa value chain holds many challenges in terms of sustainability, logistics and farming standards and practices. The LBC has at present 13 mobile buying teams, 18 static buying teams, servicing 250 buying points in 4 districts, coupled with collections of bought product back to 4 district warehouses in the West of Ghana.

The challenge: How to effectively plan and manage the logistics of all these movements of people and vehicles (and ultimately the product) between these locations?



Closing the loop

According to recent statistics, people in Europe have an average of 4.5 mobile phones hidden in drawers at home, which are not used anymore, and sometimes completely broken. This goes for the African continent as well. Closing the Loop is asking you to come up with a creative / innovative way how it should partner up with local providers (Tigo for example) in order to convince people to hand in their scrap mobile phones or buy green mobile phones at a premium. These options would all work towards a cleaner environment, which does not seem to be the priority of the customers. E-waste generally either ends up in landfills or is sold on the black market to foreign traders. This is an issue, beyond the obvious environmental reason.

The challenge: come up with ways for a nation-wide collection method and a marketing plan to encourage people to think of their environment and sustainability.




Tuberculosis is a highly infectious disease and has a profoundly damaging socio-economic impact on patients and their families and on the countries where it is endemic. The ‘Accelerating Tuberculosis Case Detection’-project will introduce direct digital chest radiology. The project aims to solve or reduce current obstacles to wider chest X-ray access and will introduce digital X-ray equipment to places where it was previously not available. We want to integrate more than just 52 of these systems. As diagnosis is key to proper treatment, these means should be available and accessible to all, not only a selection or 52. In order to avoid building a parallel infrastructure we intend to integrate additional key health facilities which will enable full diagnotisch health coverage of Ghana with a quality and fully digitalized health infrastructure. Teleradiology will link even the remotest areas to the network and enables diagnosis-at-a-distance when appropriate health staff is lacking locally.

The challenge: Ensuring inclusive and durable digitalization of Ghanas health infrastructure, which requires us to think about these other facilities: How can we integrate these other locations into our network? 



People’s Pension Trust

Dozens of countries around the world lack a social security net for the informal sector, which often comprises around 80% of those economies. In Ghana there are 12 million workers in the informal sector currently without a pension. These workers run into old age poverty after they stop working. People’s Pension Trust Ghana Limited provides affordable and flexible pension product to workers in the informal sector to prevent them from falling into old age poverty. Currently majority of our clients pays their pension contribution in cash to a sales agent with all the associated risk and cost involve. People’s Pension Trust would like to transit the mode of payment from cash payment to digital payment (mobile money).

The challenge: What innovative idea can People’s Pension Trust use to change the mode of contribution payment from cash payment to digital payment?




NileDutch is planning to develop an Export Development Complex (EDC) in Tema, Ghana’s main harbor. The idea of the EDC is that it provides  a multipurpose service to small volume exporters against fair trade principle costs. The service can be very diverse: receipt and storage of goods, cleaning, packing, sorting, fumigation, etc. The EDC can also provide service as “buying-centre” for small exporters, their overseas customer or buyer will permit EDC to pay, against agreed prices between seller & buyer, to the exporters on their behalf and provide all other necessary services towards the exportation. This way, the EDC can service small and medium sized enterprises from Ghana to export their goods abroad. The EDC’s main objective is to make exporting of small volumes for small exporters much easier, in order to stimulate their activities and finally increase their volumes and business.

The challenge: Which main services should it provide to attract sufficient small-scale exporters?