If you have any questions regarding the program of the New Business Challenge we provide asnwer for the most common question. We hope you find your answer here.

What is the New Business Challenge Ghana?

The New Business Challenge Ghana is an unique business case competition where 20 Dutch and 20 Ghanaian students and young professionals work together in mixed teams on business cases from 5 companies. This challenge is all about discovering new sustainable business opportunities for the private sector and maximizing the entrepreneurial potential of the participants.

The NBC has taken place from 2014 to 2016 and will also take place in 2017 and 2018. You can read everything on the previous editions at the News section and at at the Previous section.

What is the idea?

Five Dutch companies have formulated a business case regarding their activities or plans in Ghana. They need fresh and out-of-the-box insights and solutions of entrepreneurial students and young professionals to take the next steps!


Ten mixed teams, all consisting of 2 Dutch and 2 Ghanaians, will work on implementable sustainable business solutions for the companies. A well-balanced program is in place for participants to arrive at the best possible solution and to maximize their development. The teams go on two study trips full with trainings, workshops and fieldtrips. They will be coached and supported by experts and professionals. All teams present their solutions at the Residency of the Dutch Ambassador in Ghana at the end of the study trip. An independent jury will choose the winning business solution of the NBC !


The NBC doesn’t stop after the final! There is a follow-up which is focused on taking the solutions further and on career development. Participants are part of an online community and have access to internships, job opportunities, start-up incubators, trainings and networking events. Read more on the program

Who can participate?

The NBC is open to Dutch and Ghanaian residents who are studying or are recently graduated from a university (or HBO). You do not need a specific study background as long as you are an entrepreneurial and explorative candidate who can think independently and is motivated to explore entrepreneurial business opportunities in Ghana. You sign up individually for the NBC. Teams will be formed after the final selection at the beginning of June.

Registration for the 2018 editions opens in April 2018.


How can I register?

Registration for the 2018 editions opens in April 2018. If you are a Dutch or Ghanaian residents who studies at, or has recently graduated from a university (or HBO), you have the opportunity to sign up (individually). At registration, we ask you to add a motivation letter, a CV and and a copy of your passport.

Registration is not a guarantee for participating in the NBC, because we will receive more registrations than we have places available. Therefore, candidates will be selected. Read more about this at the selection procedure.

What is the time spenditure?

The NBC takes place during the summer period with several event days and two unique study trips. We ask participants to be available during these moments. You, and your team, decide for yourself how much time you spend in between these moments. Please be advised that the preparation in June only takes a few hours a week. See the important dates for the 2018 edition below.

  • 24 May: Kick-off, Ghana and The Netherlands
  • 28 June: Preparation workshop Ghana and The Netherlands
  • 6-16 July: Study trip The Hague, The Netherlands
  • 30 July – 11 August: Study trip Accra, Ghana
  • 14 September: Matching Day, Ghana and The Netherlands

What do you get?

You get the chance to gain experience with real life business cases in Ghana. You develop your entrepreneurial and intercultural cooperation skills. You get to know many organizations and entrepreneurs and distinguish yourself for them. And most importantly you take part in two unforgettable study trips in the Netherlands and in Ghana full of meetings, cultural exchange, field trips, sightseeing and of course fun!


After the study trips, there is a follow-up which is focused on your career development and on taking the sustainable business solutions further. You will become part of an online community and have access to internships, job opportunities, start-up incubators, trainings and networking events.

Read more on the experiences of participants from last year’s editions in this blog


Your travel- and accommodation costs are fully covered during the study trips.