Final New Business Challenge 2017

After an intense study week in Ghana, the New Business Challenge Ghana 2017 ended with a nerve-wracking finale. All teams presented their solutions at the residency of the Dutch ambassador in Accra and showed what they have been working on in the last two months. Team Cargill Dzidu surprised the jury of the New Business Challenge 2017 with their innovative ‘Optimal Planning Tool’!

Team Cargill the winner of the New Business Challenge 2017
Cargill challenged their teams with the difficult task to create an innovative and cost effective system to effectively plan and manage the logistics of its so-called licensed buying company (LBC), the movements of people and the vehicles between different locations. Team Dzidu managed to come up with a solution that meets all the jury’s criteria; does the solution make impact, is it innovative and feasible and does the solution include important stakeholders? A big congratulations to the winning team members Babette de Vos, Justina Asomani, Shadrack Gyawu and Thomas de Visser!

Great edition
This year, the jury and companies were blown away by the high quality of the solutions of all teams. Each and every team managed to surprise the companies representatives with innovative and out-of-the-box solutions. We are proud of them and how they managed to really make a difference! Congratulations team Cocoa Dropspot Planners, team R.E–Growth, team STL, team SEEM Network, team Health-E Highways, team The XX, team NileNuts, team The Mobilizers and team Munu!

This is not the end…
During the study trip in Ghana and the final of the New Business Challenge 2017, the participants have showed their full potential. The sustainable and innovative trading and investing solutions for the Ghanaian market will therefore be implemented by the companies as an effect of the hard work of all the participants. Even though this edition has come to an end, we will continue following the participants and the companies during the follow-up. On September 15th the Matching Day will take place both in Ghana and The Netherlands. This day will be all about reuniting, but also about discussing the further implementations of the solutions.

We wish all participants good luck with their further career and hope to see you next year during a new edition of the New Business Challenge… cheers!