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The five previous editions of the New Business Challenge (NBC) took place in the summer of 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018. During every edition, Dutch and Ghanaian participants have poured themselves into real-life business cases of companies. Sounds easy? For sure in theory, in practice at sometimes you find out why it’s called a challenge. Sounds like fun? For sure in theory, even more in practice! Read more on the experiences of last year’s participants.

Desmond (22, Ghanaian, worked on the Dijkstaal case)
In almost every study you learn something about business. What you often do not learn is how to translate this to daily’s life practice. The NBC gave me the chance to apply my knowledge on real life business cases. It was a great experience as it posed very real and practical situations faced by consultants and managers in various corporate entities. As an aspiring entrepreneur it gave me a lot of insight into how the real world varies from theory and this has changed my perception and approach to business, partnerships and alliances, as well as funding greatly. The challenge really provided the platform I needed to kick start a rethinking of business in Ghana as I solved business issues with my multi-nation team that was great and rich in knowledge.

Susanne (25, Dutch, worked on the Dijkstaal case)
In a short period of time the NBC allows you to deep-dive into Ghana’s economy. You get to discover all aspects of doing business in Ghana, from obstacles to opportunities. We visited all the stakeholders for our company, and spoke to government, private sector and local communities. Thereby you get to learn what business abroad is all about. Once you get to Ghana, you get to figure out whether your plans are relevant in the local context. It’s great to do this with Ghanaian students who really know what they are talking about.

Sarah (25, Ghanaian, worked on the Philips case):
The NBC had a positive turn on my social skills. I learnt how to socialize and mingle around people since it was a cross cultural exchange project. Working with Dutch on a project was quite interesting since we learnt about their culture and shared knowledge and experience. To deal with this intercultural collaboration we followed a preparation workshop and coaches were available in Ghana and the Netherlands. But of course, mainly the challenge is about learning by acting. Since we had to present often, my presentation skills have greatly improved and now I have great confidence when presenting in front of a large or small group. Also my creativity skills were shaped because the project was very practical. It opened our minds to think outside the box which has really helped me a lot in my work now.

Jesse (25, Dutch, worked on the Philips case):
The reason I participated in the NBC was to get experience in working in a totally different setting than I am used to. What I learnt most from my experience in Ghana is that you can contrive a lot as long as you have guts. It was surprisingly easy to get in touch with anybody we wanted in Accra, even at short-notice. All participants were very motivated and full of energy, and the team spirit is very good. This resulted in a lot of singing, dancing and playing games together in between the competition aspect. This team spirit resulted not only in fun, it was also useful for the challenge. Since I was with my local teammates I was able to see a lot more of Ghana than I could ever have done on my own. This also holds for the field research we had to do. Since we had local team mates, it was easier to visit small villages and talk to people there.

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