Studytrip NL: Getting to know each other and the cases!

This weekend the Ghanaian group travelled to the Netherlands. On Saturday they visited the typical dutch area the Zaanse Schans and tasted some typical Dutch food. On sunday morning the Dutch Participants joined and the group was complete! During a lot of exciting activities like a scavenger hunt and building a sole standing structure with spaghetti, tape and a piece of rope, all participants got to know each other better and better. The creative and crazy pictures of the scavenger hunt showed that the teams already made a great start working together! The big smiles confirm it was a lot of fun getting to know each other and the The Hague in this way.

On Monday morning the group visited the RvO in the Hague to start working on their business challenges. The day started with inspiring presentations by Rosalind Boschloo about governmental involvement in business issues between Ghana and the Netherlands. After Rosalinds presentation everyone listened carefully to the inspiring speech by Doris Bese from the Ghanaian Embassy in the Hague. By sharing her story and her experience with (starting a) business, she immediately got everyone’s attention.

In the afternoon the participants followed a workshop about research questions which helped them to dive deeper into their business cases. Today the teams will visit the companies for whom they are working during this challenge. To get the most out of this visit, the teams prepared themselves well by writing down all the important questions they need an answer to. They will not go back to The Hague before they have all the answers!

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