NBC Alumni Creatively Countering Covid

Alumni of the NBC can now register for the alternative program of the New Business Challenge! It is called the: Virtual Business Challenge –  NBC Alumni Creatively Countering Covid.


You can register at the bottom of this page. Please read the information below before you register.


What can you expect?
Ghanaian and Dutch NBC alumni generate ideas in mixed teams for Covid-19 related business opportunities for entrepreneurs in Ghana in an online day. The goal is that the entrepreneurs receive fresh ideas, which they can take up themselves or alumni can take them a step further after the online day. We have designed an interactive online program to assist alumni in generating ideas and going from a brainstorm to a comprehensive business opportunity within one day. Join us for this insightful and creative day!

What is the follow up after the online day?
The goal is that the entrepreneur receive fresh ideas, which they can take up themselves or Ghanaian alumni can take them a step further after the online day. We will monitor the entrepreneurs and what they are doing with the ideas.

For Ghanaian participants that want to continue with an idea, we offer an additional online workshop ‘’from idea to business’’ later this year that is provided by our partner Ghana Innovation Hub. Furthermore, all Ghanaian alumni can participate in online and offline activities that will be organized during the course of the year. Ileen from GNBCC will update you on all the details after the online day.

In October 2020, we will organize a second online day for alumni where the progress of the ideas is shared with each other. We will develop the exact content of the program once we have a good view on progress of the ideas. All participants of the online day will be informed in October about this second online day.

Why should you participate?
– Contribute with your brainpower and problem solving skills to business opportunities of real-life entrepreneurs in a COVID-19 context.
– Gain experience with online cooperation and build your digital skills, which are of increased importance during/post covid-19 era.
– Reconnect with NBC alumni and re-experience the NBC feeling!

When does the online day takes place?
We organize the online day twice, on Friday June 26 and on Saturday 27 June. Both days take place between 09:30 – 17:00 Ghana time and 11:30 – 19:00 Dutch time. The program on both days is exactly the same. The only difference is that there will be a different business case on each day. You can decide for yourself which day suits you best, either Friday or Saturday.

Where does it take place?
The program takes place at ZOOM. Ghanaian alumni that will participate will receive internet data from the organization.

Why is it organized twice?
We received so many positive reactions from alumni when we asked them if they would be interested in an alternative program. We also decided to organize a day on Saturday, because several alumni indicated wanting to participate, but that they have a full-time job and weekdays are not feasible for them.

How can i register?
This program is only for NBC alumni. Alumni from all NBC editions (2014-2019) are invited to participate. Registration is closed.

How many alumni can participate?
There are limited places available, the maximum number of participants for each day is 24. We will organize the day twice, so in total there are 48 spots available.

Is there a selection procedure?
No. There are limited places available so we use the ‘first come, first served’ principle. However, we want to ensure we have a good balance between Dutch and Ghanaian participants, therefore we leave the registration open until June 17. On June 18 we will go over all registrations to make sure there is a good balance between Ghanaian and Dutch participants on each day. You will receive an email on Friday June 19 with the announcement if you can participate.

The sooner you register, the higher your chances of being able to participate. We hope everyone who is interested can participate, however that may not be possible if we receive over 48 registrations. We apologize in advance.

How are the teams composed?
Participants work in a team of 4 participants. It is a mixed team of Dutch and Ghanaian participants. You register individually and we will compose the final teams. You will hear one week before the start of the day who your team mates are. It is possible that you form a team with alumni from other NBC years.

Is there a prize for the winning team?
Yes there is! We want to keep the NBC competitive element alive. So at the end of the day, every participant is allowed to vote on one of the ideas (except their own). The team with the idea that has the most votes will be honored with a prize that stimulates entrepreneurial thinking!

Do I need to prepare for the day?
Yes, we ask you to prepare for the day. One week before the day, participants will receive the full case description. We ask participants to read it carefully and do some research beforehand to get familiar with the subject. The more participants know about the subject, the easier it will be to generate ideas at the online day.

Who is facilitating the day?
The day is facilitated by one Dutch and one Ghanaian coach. From the Netherlands it is Diwy Tomassen and from Ghana it is Jemila Abdulai. Both were coaches during the 2019 edition of the NBC. They both have vast experience in facilitating online sessions and idea generating programs. They are supported by Cees Dekker in The Netherlands and Ileen Wilke in Ghana.

What are the cases?
There are two business cases from two entrepreneurs. The first case will be handled on Friday June 26 and the second case on Saturday June 27. Here are the short descriptions of the cases. The full descriptions will be send to the participants one week before the start of the online day.

1. Vonvic is a brand producing hand woven textiles from Ghana such as smocks, shirts, skirts etc. The company wants to make an impact during the Covid-19 situation and decided to provide 10.000 facemasks for free. The 10.000 face masks will be made and distributed by Vonvic so it will be accessible for everyone who is in need of a face mask. Vonvic produced over 200 masks but they ran into the costs. The company cannot carry all the costs but still wants to provide the 10.000 face masks. Aside from the social impact, Vonvic hopes to use this action to increase their publicity and grow followers on social media. Their question is: How can Vonvic provide the 10.000 face masks without carrying all the costs themselves while using the social impact as a promotion for the company? Go for more information on Vonvic to their FB-page.

2. Health Direct Global provides a digital health platform that allows users to connect to a network of Health Service Providers. It also hosts a financially inclusive platform that allows users to save and spend towards their healthcare needs. Their major focus as a company is to increase access, reduce costs, improve health care and patient outcomes through the use of technology. The digital platform has a direct connection with the Covid-19 situation as their business model makes it possible for patients to have on-demand access to health service providers for remote care which reduces the risk of possible spread of COVID-19 in hospitals and public spaces. Therefore, Health Direct Global would like to grow the users of their digital platform while promoting an pro-active approach towards healthcare. Their question is: How can they grow their users organically while ensuring that these people adopt preventive healthcare as a habit? Go for more information on Health Direct Global to their website.

Will i hear ‘Get Lucky’ during the online day?
Of course! What is a NBC program without this song:-)