The New Business Challenge 2021 edition organized in a new format

The New Business Challenge (NBC) is organized 7 years in a row as a business case competition. In the first six editions, 20 Dutch and 20 Ghanaian students worked together during the summer period in equally mixed teams on actual business challenges from 5 companies and traveled to Ghana and The Netherlands. Due to Covid-19, we organized the 7th edition in 2020 completely virtual. For the 2021 edition, we will organize the NBC in a new format: the International Expedition Program!

New Format: International Expedition Program
The International Expedition program exists of a Summer School and Expedition Trips to The Netherlands and Ghana. This new format makes it possible for a large group of students to learn about the business opportunities between the two countries and to travel with a small group to The Netherlands and Ghana.

The Summer School
The Summer School will be organized simultaneously in each country for 24 selected students & starters in August. It is a 5 day program and it is all about learning in an interactive way about the business relationship and doing business between The Netherlands and Ghana. Participants will have lectures, meet entrepreneurs, go on a company visit and collaborate online with students from the other country in intercultural teams to get acquainted with the (work) culture of the other country. Experienced trainers will facilitate the program.

The Expedition Trips
Students that have participated in the Summer School can apply/express/make known for the Expedition Trips. 6 students in both countries will be selected to participate. The Expedition Trips are all about exploring and innovating. The 12 participants will first go on an Expedition Trip to The Netherland and then on an Expedition Trip to Ghana. They will go on company visits and meet entrepreneurs to explore the business opportunities and think in brainstorm settings in intercultural teams about innovative business solutions. Participants will present these at the Netherlands Ambassador’s Residence in Accra at the end of the Ghanaian Expedition Trip.

Flexibility in travel dates
The program is designed with the Covid-19 regulations in mind and has a flexible component with regards to traveling with a group. The Summer School takes place in both countries at the same time during the summer, between August 23 and 27. The Expedition Trips are planned to take place in the fall of 2021. If these dates turn out not to be feasible due to the Covid regulations, the Expedition Trips will be organized at the beginning of 2022. Visit the program page for more information on the program and the planned dates.

Students and starters can register
Students and starters from The Netherlands and Ghana can register to participate from May 3th 2021 at this website. Registration will be open until June 4th 2021.