Official start of the 5th New Business Challenge Ghana!

Last Friday the 5th edition of the New Business Challenge Ghana officially launched with the Kick-off! Fifty motivated students and young professionals in The Hague and sixty in Accra had to convince one of the five Dutch companies that they are competent to discover new business opportunities in Ghana. 

The Kick-off was the official start of the New Business Challenge Ghana 2018. A unique business case competition where Dutch and Ghanaian students and young professionals work together in mixed teams on solutions for five companies. As well in Accra as in The Hague the participants worked in duos to convince the company representatives they had to be one of the 20 participants who get the chance to join in this unique opportunity.

Robert Dijkerhuis, Manager of International Collaboration of the RvO, opened the Kick-off in The Hague. He gave some strong advice: “Keep in contact with your customer, as they are the ones who are going to buy your product, so there is the success! Do not stick to your own ideas, but be flexible and listen, listen, listen!

After the introduction, the company representatives introduced their business cases and briefed the participants for the presentation later that day. The participants formed duos, got to know each other better in a few hours and elaborated on a presentation with a working plan for their business cases. Via a live connection the Ghanaian and Dutch participants made the first contact and wished each other success for the election day. This call between Ghana and The Netherlands made the participants even more motivated to convince their company representatives that they needed to be selected. If so they would soon be able to meet the Ghanian students in real life!

At the end of the day, the duos presented their ideas and showed why they are qualified to work on the business cases during the Studytrips in The Netherlands and Ghana. The company representatives were surprised by the high level of the ideas and quality of the talented participants, which made it difficult for them to select the participants for the challenge.

The day ended with drinks and the participants looked back on an exciting day where they learned a lot about each other and about the participating companies. Kwabena Adu-Darkwa of Ashesi University shared his experience of the day:  “My highlight for this day was getting the opportunity to work hand in hand with my teammate to come up with relevant solutions for the case. The day made me even more confident that being selected for the program would be a unique intercultural experience that would contribute immensely to my personal and career development”.

Meanwile the company representatives selected the 20 Dutch and 20 Ghanaian participants who will work on the business cases during the New Business Ghana 2017. We are looking forward to the Preparation Workshop on June 28th!