Preparation Workshop and counting days!

The study trips in the Netherlands and Ghana are getting closer and the selected participants of the New Business Challenge 2018 started counting days. To get ready for the upcoming study trips last week we organised a Preparation Workshop in Accra and in The Hague.

After the Kick-off on June 28th, 20 Dutch and 20 Ghanaian participants were selected for the New Business Challenge Ghana to work together in mixed teams on solutions for five companies. During this official start the first contact between the Dutch and Ghanaian participants was made via a live connection. In the past weeks, all teams got to know each other better by working on an online team assignment. During the Preparation Workshop, duos presented their teammates to the rest of the group.

Furthermore the participants got more insight in each other’s cultures. The Dutch participants participated in a quiz about the Ghanaian culture and followed a workshop in intercultural collaboration, given by a formal New Business Challenge Coach. One of the Dutch participants explained: “Now I get to know more about the Ghanaian culture, I get even more excited to work so close together with my Ghanaian teammates. I believe it will be a very special experience that will teach me more than I can imagine!”

At the end of the day the participants had a good insight of what they could expect of the program. They learned more about working together in multicultural teams.

In a few days the Ghanaian participants will come over to the Netherlands for the Dutch study trip. We are counting days!