Name: Amma Agyeman Afriyie

Age: 21

Country: Ghana

Study background: Bachelor of Science in Accounting

About me:

I am Nana Amma, a lady who loves God and has a lot of respect for humanity. High-spirited , fun loving and very optimistic. My background in accounting, international relations and communications has informed my mindful but competitive approach.

Why I participate:

My passion for challenges and understanding people from different cultural backgrounds drove me to participate in this Programme. I consider myself a forever-student, eager to build on my academic foundations especially in entrepreneurship. I strongly believe that NBC will provide me with the platform to achieve these.I am looking forward to have an unforgettable experience:)


To co-operate well with my team mates and come out with the most feasible solutions to eliminate the problem that Van den Bosch is currently facing.
Most importantly, I look forward to win this challenge !


Van den Bosch 2


Van den Bosch