Name: Anita Boakye-Yiadom

Age: 21

Country: Ghana

Study background: Management Information Systems

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About me:

Anita Boakye-Yiadom is a third-year student at Ashesi University studying Management Information Systems. She is passionate about community service and is the president of the Ashesi Leo Club. As an aspiring entrepreneur and one who is passionate about helping others, Anita believes in harnessing various opportunities to improve upon herself. She is very zealous about volunteer work and is always ready to give her best to a project or help in community development. Anita has been involved in many projects and activities related to community service and was recently awarded a Global Goodwill Ambassador for her humanitarian work. As a member of Developers in Vogue, she is passionate about helping to create a relevant community of highly skilled female developers who will use technology to revolutionize Africa and beyond.


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