Name: Anne-Marie Schonk

Age: 23

Country: Nederland

Study background: Msc Energy Science

About me:

I'm currently studying Energy Science, where I research the energy transition. Before, I did a bachelor Physics. I'm a sport fanatic. I've rowed on an international level, and I recently started bike racing.

Why I participate:

I want to learn more about working in an inter-cultural team. I'm very curious to see how that will improve the solution we come up with for Allianz. I'm also looking forward to getting to know all the entrepreneurial students that participate!


To me, this business challenge is a success when we've learned from each other as a group. I also hope that we can bring a practical, implementable solution to Allianz. And of course I want to learn more about the Ghanian culture and get to know all the participants.


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