Name: Cecilia Akuley Gyimah

Age: 24

Country: Ghana

Study background: BSc. Natural Resource Management

Linkedin Profile: Cecilia Akuley Gyimah

About me:

Self driven young lady who aims at improving myself with innovative skills and ideas, a good team player who works towards a sustainable resource management to produce maximum benefits. I am an effective communicator with a good human relation, full of fun, I am self-disciplined, punctual as well as committed member to my team, when playing a leadership role am always ready to learn, contribute positively at work schedule with growth and profit.

Why I participate:

Problem solving is an everyday thing. In our day to day activities in live, we are faced with a lot of issues and challenges which needs to be solved, In solving them we discovery new problems to solve. Also it brings innovative ideas and broaden our knowledge. I believe the world has a lot of problems which are business opportunities in disguise. I have participated in a number of business summit which have equipped me with problem solving skills, this is an opportunity to help me practice ideas learnt and also acquire new knowledge. With my background, and creative thinking ability, participating in this Business Challenges Programe will be a good platform for me to challenge myself and provide me the opportunity to reach my full potential professionally .


My professional aspiration is to become a renowned conservationist, playing key and active roles in conservation research.
As a conservationist my goal is to be an auditor in my field of study; ensure an organization complies with environmental regulation in areas such as air quality, waste, clean water, and pollution and manage resources sustainable to promote suitable development for all. As an effective communicator my vision is to provide counselling for individuals and groups. Pursuing my goals can contribute to helping (Ghana) world to meet the various targets set for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) among others.


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