Name: Crownie Eme

Age: 24

Country: Ghana

Study background: Mathematics and Computer Science

Linkedin Profile:

About me:

My name is Crownie Eme. People find me open-minded, realistic and upbeat. I love Mathematics and enjoy searching for ways to make people appreciate the subject 99.99999% of the world hates. I sing and skate for fun. Recently, I have developed a keen interest in golf.

I am dedicated, love to meet new people and I cherish good relations.

Why I participate:

I am motivated to partake in this challenge because I believe it will allow me to break out of my comfort zone, which is studying and teaching Mathematics, and drive me to put my theoretical knowledge to best practice while developing a spirit of entrepreneurship.

Fortunately for me, Providence brought a docudrama series my path titled “The Men Who Built America”. This series, after watching, deepened my love for team work as it yields faster and more efficient results through exchange of knowledge. Thus, inspiring me to join the challenge. The opportunity of working in a multicultural team was an icing on the cake.

It would also be hugely satisfying and rewarding for me to apply lessons, techniques and ideas I have acquired from academia, work experience and life in general in tackling a real business challenge.


To be a positive influencer in my society.
To develop a spirit of entrepreneurship.
To increase my network.




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