Name: Crystil Adomako-Mensah

Age: 21

Country: Ghana

Study background: Bsc Administration

Linkedin Profile:

About me:

I am a millennial game changer. I happen to be more inclined towards the liberal arts .Notwithstanding I have an admirable sense of liberality and versatility that fits me in any field I gather expertise on. I am currently an ex-officio and PR team for UN youth Ghana and I am an advocate for the SDGs. I am the second of 7 children which necessarily forces me to take a pacesetting posture, given I have different little generations looking up to me to lead a renaissance of change and impact. I am very accommodating of diversified views and also very teachable an individual. My keenest hope in life is be happy doing whatever I am gifted to do and sharing the happiness with others.

Why I participate:

I believe that sometimes it takes that additional voice, that marginal inclusion to effect a change. I am very certain that relying on my personal and collectively, our diverse cultural and professional skill set, E-waste management can be inculcated into our everyday life from domesticity through to industrial engagements.


I want to move up the efforts to projecting e-waste in a greater light which should hopefully receive a wider global coverage where the circular economy will make radical strides in ridding the world of e-waste while putting these scraps into other beneficial use.


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Closing the Loop