Name: David Weme

Age: 23

Country: Nederland

Study background: Health and Life Sciences/Development Studies

Linkedin Profile:

About me:

I am 23 years old, have a bachelor in Health and Life Sciences and I live in Amsterdam. I have lived in three different places in the Netherlands from which Amsterdam is definitely my favourite. Both my sisters also study in Amsterdam and my parents live an hour away in Apeldoorn. I have got a passion for classical music and playing football.

Why I participate:

Working on grassroot projects with (young) entrepreneurs from both the target country and from the company’s country is a beautiful way to gain experience is this field. Working cross-cultural, starting a business in a foreign country and gaining experience in networking and doing business. This projects looks outside the 'normal' scope of entrepreneurship and gives you the opportunity to develop yourself professionally as well as personally.


Personally, I would like to develop my skills in collaborating with people from other cultures as well as collaborating with people in an entrepreneurial environment. Besides these goals, I think it will be an extremely interesting experience to work in an environment foreign to me.
I also hope to expand my network. I feel this is the perfect opportunity, as working between the European and African continent is what I have envisioned to be my future.


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