Name: Dennis Kwaku Frimpong Agyemang

Age: 22

Country: Ghana

Study background: Human Resource Management

About me:

I'm just like you, for the most part my life is totally normal.
I'm a young man who's been told he doesn't look his age numerous times. I'm studying Human Resource Management in Central University. You'd almost always catch me smiling cause I believe it's a universal language of warmth and happiness.

I like poetry, of which I occasionally write my own. I like to read, God bless J.K Rowling for making my childhood magical with the phenomenal Harry Potter series – Yes! I’m a Potterhead. I enjoy taking long walks. On days were I’m not being "Bruno Mars lazy" then I love cooking.

I'm constantly ensuring that I evolve mentally, socially and just how I play a role in the diversity of this world. I do this by learning new things and being receptive to corrections. For this reason I've grown to be open-minded and a good listener.

If you don't see me pursuing my academic career then I'm working with Drama Queens Ghana - a Pan African Feminist organisation that encourages awareness about gender equality, positive discussions regarding sex and all its subtopics as well as the need for the assertion of the African identity. There I am a communications director and consent facilitator.

Why I participate:

One of my reason for participating sprout from the fact that I'm studying business. Saw it as medium that is capable of orienting me for the corporate world and most importantly it was because it offered a pragramatic approach to learning, keeping me on edge for problem solving.

Oh! One last thing - One of the amazing things in this diverse world of ours is getting to interact and experience the beautiful culture, lifestyle and differences of others.


• To generate feasible and innovative ideas with my teammates for our business challenge.
• To develop new business strategies and techniques for my career path.
• To develop and grow my skills.
• To develop a good rapport with each member of the NBC 2018 program.
• To build and nurture lifelong friendships and solid networks.
• To learn new and positive cultural lifestyle from the Dutch community.
• To create beautiful and indelible memories. Have fun.
• To flawlessly speak a word/phrase in Dutch.


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