Name: Eunice Dorgbefu

Age: 21

Country: Ghana

Study background: Bachelors Degree in Psychology and Information Studies

Linkedin Profile:

About me:

I love to live for the experiences in life. Always searching for new opportunities to improve myself, enjoy what the world has to offer and learn how to interact well with different people. I am interested in Arts, Entertainment and marketing as professions. I love to educate myself with news and information concerning global markets. I also love marketing because it gives me the chance to express myself and interact more with people. Studying psychology in school has made me develop a new passion that is to help and understand people better. I can work well in any setting and I strive to succeed.

Why I participate:

One main reason why i participated in this competition was the fact that it will serve as a good learning platform for me to exhibit the creativity, knowledge and skills that I have acquired and developed from my academic, social and professional experiences over the years. Also it gives me the networking environment where there will be an exchange of ideas and knowledge. This will help with societal growth since the solutions that will be developed will be of benefit to the society at large.


My goal is to use my skills acquired to find solutions for Allianz, thereby, resulting in new sustainable business opportunities. To also meet, socialize and work with other people from different cultural backgrounds who will help develop the best solutions Allianz, and to definitely win this competition.


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