Name: Freda Akua Mireku

Age: 21

Country: Ghana

Study background: Bsc. Business Administration (Banking and Finance)

Linkedin Profile:

About me:

A young lady who likes to discover and explore.

Why I participate:

While studying in the university, I found myself to have developed a great passion for Finance and Entrepreneurship as a long-term career field I would like to pursue. Fueled by this passion, I have been able to stay committed to my academics as well as insightful extra-curricular activities. I have also supplemented my education with participation in student organizations and seminars, growing and developing skills and qualities that cannot solely be attained in the lecture hall. Due to some recent exposure in the banking and shipping industries through internships, I have been able to acquire a working knowledge and a broad understanding of how business operations are funded. I believe the knowledge and experiences I have acquired so far would be a valuable asset in participating in this unique life-changing program.


-Gain competitive advantage and open doors to future career advancements.
-Access to a robust global network of professionals.
-Developing entrepreneurial and intercultural cooperation skills.




MDF West Africa