Name: Frederick Poku Sarkodee

Age: 22

Country: Ghana

Study background: BSc. Business Administration

Linkedin Profile:

About me:

I am Fred, a junior studying Business Administration at Ashesi University. My interests are finance and entrepreneurship. I love to watch, play and discuss football, and I tend to be quite adventurous. I am eager to know and learn new things. I'm also excited at the prospect of networking with and meeting new people.

Why I participate:

I am participating in the New Business Challenge to help solve the practical case at hand and gain more valuable insights into problem-solving through this learning experience.
I believe that working, interacting and networking with people from diverse cultures would broaden my outlook and perspectives on this case.
This challenge is also an opportunity to work on a real business case and leverage my strengths, knowledge and expertise to recommend innovative and reliable customer service solutions for Allianz.


1. Be an asset to my teammates by learning from them and contributing effectively.
2. To help generate feasible, sustainable and viable innovative solutions.
3. To socialize and network with people.
4. Explore and experience Dutch culture and lifestyle.


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