Name: Ilse Ottenbros

Age: 26

Country: Nederland

Study background: Toxicology

Linkedin Profile:

About me:

Hi, I'm Ilse (pronounce like Else/Elsa in English), 26 years and just started with my PhD in the field of epidemiology and toxicology (about the toxic effects of chemicals on the human body, on a large scale so lots of statistics). In my daily life I love to cook and enjoy my free time with friends. Also, I workout about 4-5 times per week, mostly crossfit and fitness, although I'm up for almost all kinds of sports. Would love to meet you in person!

Why I participate:

During the first year of my master I participated in a honours programme called 'Utrecht university business challenge'. During this I discovered that I could use my scientific background for the better, especially when collaborating with people from various backgrounds. I am aiming for a better and more sustainable world, and I believe that I (from the advantaged position of being born in the Netherlands) can use my knowledge and enthusiasm to help other around the world.


Firstly I hope to learn about the Ghanaian culture, and make new friends during this project. I will take my experience of doing an internship abroad with me and hope my empathy in others can help our group to make the best out of our assignment. I hope to acquire knowledge about the Ghanaian economical market and getting to know what difficulties my generation has to find a job/starting up a business. And, last but not least, my goal is to win the challenge together with my teammates!




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