Name: Isa Beauchampet

Age: 22

Country: Nederland

Study background: Environment and Resource Management (MSc)

Linkedin Profile: isabeauchampet

About me:

My name is Isa Beauchampet, I live in IJsselstein (a town near Utrecht), and have studied Earth, Energy & Sustainability in The Hague, and have just graduated from my master's in Environment and Resource Management (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam). My educational background is very interdisciplinary, i.e. researching/working on sustainability issues from a natural science, political, and sociological/psychological point of view, which is really helpful as most sustainability issues are what I like to call 'wicked problems'.

Other than working on sustainability issues every day, I also very much enjoy listening and making music, watching documentaries/educative programs, going to the movie theatre, sightseeing, travelling, and eating great food!

Why I participate:

I decided to participate in this challenge as I wanted to combine my educational background, i.e. researching sustainability issues that take place in my own country and abroad, with actual hands-on experience in the field. It can be easy to come up with a solution from behind your desk, but really working with people from other backgrounds and cultures, and in a different country, is really something else. Therefore, I see this as a great opportunity to experience inter-cultural collaboration on an issue that is close to my heart, i.e. sustainable agriculture.


My main goals are:
- hands-on experience working on a sustainability issue
- develop inter-cultural (and background) collaboration skills
- come up with a great solution for Farmerline that is efficient, effective, and feasible


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