Name: Jeffrey Ahiamadzie

Age: 22

Country: Ghana

Study background: Bachelor od Arts in Communication Studies

About me:

Love People, family, friends and music. I like to think wide, write down every detail of my ideas, learn and share information and do things differently. I admire art and amazing designs. I can be a little impatient and forgetful sometimes and I solve that by keeping multiple journals and a pen on me most often. I love the color orange too!

Why I participate:

To learn about a new culture of business and people , see and learn the good out there and stretch my mindset to think beyond the normal..Not forgetting tasting some great new food!


To work with my team in developing great ways on working out our Company's case solutions.
To learn new things and form new relationships.
To be one of the best team players to my team mates.


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