Name: Kwaku Owusu Twum

Age: 26

Country: Ghana

Study background: Mphil. G.I.S, Bsc. Human Settlement Planning

Linkedin Profile:

About me:

I am Kwaku and I have interest in leadership, innovation, entrepreneurship and Technology. I seek to become an expert in spatial engineering, planning and business development; to contribute significantly in bridging the multi-dimensional gap of information, entrepreneurship and technology in Africa and the developing world.
I am a freelance Graphic designer,
I love music, football, movies and writing.

Why I participate:

I join in this initiative for business growth for three (3) reasons:
1. To be part of a partnership which seeks to explore the opportunities of entrepreneurship.
2. A family dedicated to solving the global crises of unemployment through human development.
3. A community with a noble course to change the status quo of business development in Ghana and Africa.


I aim at aligning my experiences and skills with the knowledge and resources available to explore practical solutions to businesses in Africa and the developing world, in this case Van den Bosch.


Van den Bosch 2


Van den Bosch