Name: Lara Jongejans

Age: 24

Country: Nederland

Study background: Fashion & Branding, MSc Business Administration Strategy

Linkedin Profile:

About me:

A curious and creative 24-year-old student with an interest in cultures, sustainability and social entrepreneurship. At the moment I'm just finishing my Strategy master and will start a master in Environment and Resource Management coming September. In my free time I love playing hockey, enjoying good food with friends, going skiing or simply reading a good book in front of the fire place. Having spent considerable time abroad studying and traveling the past years, I can only say: I can't wait to visit Ghana!

Why I participate:

To me, The New Business Challenge provides students an amazing opportunity of working in an interdisciplinary and most of all multi-cultural team. This is a great opportunity to learn from new perspectives and see how we can complement each other. As an ambitious student I am always on the outlook for challenges to push myself and gain new knowledge.


I hope I can provide the team with some valuable creative insights during the different phases of the project. The main goal is to collectively come to a good, sustainable and social solution for Jolinaiko. To me personally, I hope to learn a lot from the Ghanaian students; a new culture, a new country, different perspectives and of course connecting with new people in the field of sustainability!


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