Name: Laurietta Sawuda Anipah

Age: 22

Country: Ghana

Study background: Diploma in Business Administration

About me:

I am confident, open to correct and be corrected,goal oriented and I love biking,dancing, cooking and eating nice things. I laugh a lot with no strings attached even if provoked. No regrets ever being in an environment where I exist.

Why I participate:

To learn about the approaches to entrepreneurship in the foreign world. This program is one of the biggest career platforms providing togetherness and experience with people from all walks of life to achieve a common goal that proves the potential in you to deserve a good job when building your life up. I want to make new friends and meet them in person as well. Therefore I don't ever want to miss the opportunity.


To work hard together with my team mates throughout the study trip to ensure our company and team Win's the NBC 2018.


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