Name: Linda Williamson Eshun

Age: 21

Country: Ghana

Study background: Central University - BSc. Administration(Human Resource Management option) - level 300

Linkedin Profile: linda-williamson-eshun-83a64515b

About me:

I am a proactive lady who loves to work with people and see to their development. I am also an interesting and fun person to be with. If you have ever thought of making new friends, then try me.

Why I participate:

To leverage my knowledge and experiences with that of my teammates to develop innovative solutions for Delphy while learning and expanding my network for personal and professional development. It is my hope to apply the knowledge acquired in my country.


-to brainstorm with teammates to come up with feasible ideas that addresses the specific problem of our company.
-to see to the successful implementation of our strategies by our company in Ghana.
-to develop my interpersonal skills in a multicultural setting.
-to learn and experience the Dutch culture and make new friends.


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