Name: Monique Nana Ama Gyenfi

Age: 26

Country: Ghana

Study background: M.A International Relations & Diplomacy

Linkedin Profile:

About me:

I am a dynamic young woman with a fiery zeal for business and entrepreneurship. Having funded 2 businesses, I have been privy to challenges businesses faces and the fulfillment I gain in finding workable and sustainable solution to these challenges. I absolutely love to expand my horizon on a wide array of subjects in business, self development and global affairs and have read 93 books in the last 2 years. It is my aim to inspire people to read,stay motivated and strive for self development.

After my masters studies in International Relations, it is my aim to use my skills set and experiences in assisting small businesses grow and attract quality leverage in the international markets and diaspora.

Why I participate:

Seeing local businesses grow and expand in international markets gives me source of pride & fulfillment. Participating in the NBC will enable me not only apply all that I know in creating the best solution for my team and also business case. I also would like to gain more understanding into doing business in the Netherlands while enjoying the culture of the dutch and making lifelong friendships.


Identify the best workable and sustainable solution to the business case.


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