Name: Paula de Beer

Age: 25

Country: Nederland

Study background: History, International Relations & Diplomacy

Linkedin Profile:

About me:

I am an enthusiastic, open-minded person with an interest in getting to know other cultures. I live in Amsterdam with my boyfriend and in my free time I enjoy cooking/eating (can't wait to get to know Ghanaian cuisine!), spending time with friends and family, writing and reading, and working out at the gym, running or playing tennis. I am graduating this summer from the master's International Relations & Diplomacy and I am very excited for this challenge!

Why I participate:

I think this program offers an amazing opportunity to contribute to sustainable development of the Ghanaian economy, while also getting to know new people and having a lot of fun. As I am graduating soon, I also hope this program will offer some insight in what it would be like to pursue a career in the field of sustainable development.


I hope to further develop my problem-solving skills, learn about (West) African culture, connect with interesting new people and contribute to a useful solution for the Jolinaiko business case.


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