Name: Pieter Witteveen

Age: 21

Country: Nederland

Study background: Engineering, project management

Linkedin Profile:

About me:

I am an social and ambitious person with an interest in learning and developing new skills. I am currently in the graduation phase of the Bachelor’s Degree program in Built Environment, with a specialization in Project Management. After a gap year, in which I will participate in a voluntary project abroad, I have the ambition the start the Master’s Degree program in Sustainable Business and Innovation. Besides my study, I am a bartender and in my free time I enjoy spending time outside with my friends or rowing the canals of Amsterdam.

Why I participate:

As an ambitious student, I am interested in sustainable developments and innovations. I think that besides the sustainable solution that is asked with this case, this program a fantastic opportunity offers to engage and work together with Ghanian students.


My goals consist of further developing my problem-solving skills, the skill to work together in a intercultural team, to learn about the West African culture and to find a useful solution for Jolinaiko.


Jolinaiko 2