Name: Rachel van der Pol

Age: 26

Country: Nederland

Study background: MSc Global Business & Sustainability / BSc Real-Estate & Facility Management

Linkedin Profile:

About me:

Hi there! I am Rachel, 26 year old and I am living in Rotterdam. I am a very optimistic, social person who loves to travel, read books, listen and dance to music, go roller skating, cook delicious vegetarian meals and enjoys drinking a glass or wine (or beer) with my friends. Furthermore, I am very passionate about sustainability and all related developments and since I graduated last September (yay!) I've been putting my knowledge into practice first in Kenya and currently in the Netherlands.

Why I participate:

After living in Kenya (and falling in love with Africa) and working for an organisation that supports entrepreneurs with sustainable business ideas, I got really inspired to participate in the NBC. It also made me realize that there is also a lot of progress on and untapped potential for sustainable business innovation in Africa and I would love to contribute to that! Moreover, I am always looking for new ways to challenge myself, and this seems to be an amazing opportunity!


I am very excited to get to know new interesting people, learn from each other while working together and ofcourse have a lot of fun! Furthermore, I would love to learn more about the West-African culture (definitely explore its food and music!) and above all, come up with a valuable and useful solution to the Tempo Housing case!


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