Name: Sander Beeks

Age: 23

Country: Nederland

Study background: Business Administration - Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Linkedin Profile:

About me:

Characteristics that would describe me are: Optimistic, honest, sporty, down to earth, dedicated to what I am doing. I tend to look for the bigger picture in things, details are secondary. I analyse the solutions and ideas people come up with, to see what is possible and what not, to prevent putting effort in an idea or solution that has no viability.
My flaws are: 1. If I think that I have the best solution for a problem, I sometimes can be too dedicated to that solution, which makes me blind for other possible solutions. 2. Also, I can be a bit unstructured from time to time.

Why I participate:

I have never been to Africa or made a far journey outside of Europe. The NBC Ghana gives me the opportunity to discover a totally different country with a totally different culture. That is the main reason for me to participate. Besides that, the NBC 2019 gives me the opportunity to contribute to a more sustainable world and develop myself on a personal as well as a professional level.


My goal is to see how I can handle myself in a totally different environment, with a different culture and different people. I am used to working in teams, however I have never worked with an international team in such an intensive way. Also, I want to really find a suitable solution for the problem Closing the Loop is facing, to make them get closer to their goal.


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Closing the Loop