Name: Sherck Kissi Sampong

Age: 21

Country: Ghana

Study background: Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (University of Ghana)

Linkedin Profile:

About me:

I see myself to be someone who is always learning both in and out of the classroom. Leadership and management has never been a problem for me. I realized I had great interest in technology at a young age. I'm quite outspoken and love to research as well. Basically, I am happy with anything that positively stimulates the mind.

Why I participate:

I participate in this challenge because I believe my contribution, hardwork and teamwork spirit will be of great asset. I enjoyed my experience with the kick-off and was successful. I hope to go on to greater success and also build a solid social network.


My goals are as follows:
1. To win the competition with my team.
2. To contribute to the success of our project.
3. To work together with my team to come up with workable and measurable solutions.
4. To gain a lot of knowledge from the project and also from my teammates, coaches and others that we are privileged to meet.
5. To contribute my knowledge and time to providing solutions that would make an impact on others.


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Closing the Loop