Name: Siba Abdul-Rasheed

Age: 23

Country: Ghana

Study background: Marketing

Linkedin Profile: Abdul-Rasheed Siba

About me:

Abdul-Rasheed Siba is my name but my friends call me Maverick. I am 23 years old. I graduated from Central University in Ghana last year with a degree in Marketing.
I am currently working at Precious Minerals Marketing Company as a marketing officer.
I am a passionate marketer. And a serial entrepreneur I have started (and also failed) in several ventures. I love the beach and I will travel for good food. I am open minded and like to challenge myself.
In my free time I read a lot, swim, workout and sometimes play video games.
My goal in life is to try to become the best possible version of myself.

Why I participate:

The New Business Challenge present a whole new level of challenge, working with an international team to come up with real life solutions that could impact the lives of millions.
This is also an opportunity to expand my network by meeting like-minded students.
The opportunity to experience the Dutch culture in an immersive way.


My goal is for my team and I to come up with the best real life solution to the challenges so that I can see the actual change happening on the ground.
Also to learn to cook at least 2 dutch dishes.


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