Name: Sief Andriopoulos

Age: 23

Country: Nederland

Study background: Civil Engineering

Linkedin Profile:

About me:

Exploration and adventure is what triggers me. It makes me broaden my view while pushing my limits. Therefore I've played rugby my entire life and like to try new sports. Also, I like to travel and have a look in other kitchens. For the past few years I've studied Civil Engineering. It challenges me to find a concrete answer that improves the life of many. In September I'm planning to start my Masters degree in Hydraulic Engineering but before that, I hope NBC will contribute to my development and widen my view on Africa and entrepreneurship.

Why I participate:

One says Africa steals your hart and will make you want to stay for the rest of your life.
Having lived in Zimbabwe and Angola for the first years of my life, my heart got stolen strait away. However, growing up in Europe, I never had the chance to go back and live/work in an African context.
NBC will provide this opportunity while challenging my skills to find a solution for an extremely broad problem. I look forward to do this in a multicultural small team.


I would be satisfied when we have come to a concrete solution for the problem. A solution that can be applied in real life to both have an impact on the Ghanaian society as well as the company.
On a more personal level, I would be happy if I make friendships that stand for the rest of my life.


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