Name: Sonja van der Wal

Age: 22

Country: Nederland

Study background: M.Sc. Plant Biotechnology

Linkedin Profile:

About me:

Hi! I am Sonja, a 22-year old Plant Biotechnology master student. I study at the Wageningen University and Research (WUR) and I am developing my passion for plants. Besides my study, I like to run, bike, swim, dance, row and many more. I am an active person!
I did my bachelor’s in biology in Leiden and I did a minor in Science Based Business. This really brighten my spectrum and thought me that I can perform another profession than only scientist.
In general, I am a positive and curious person.

Why I participate:

I participate the NBC to push my boundries and explore new knowledge and cultures. Until now, all my knowledge obtained about agriculture and business is research minded and theoretical. When I heard about the New Business Challenge program, I was immediately enthusiastic to apply all my knowledge in practice. With the project 'Farmerline' I can obtain a whole new spectrum of applicable knowledge.
The case involves problems where probably not only the Ghanaian agriculture sector is struggling with. The pre-harvest process is extremely important to achieve a sustainable food product. Thinking of logistics to make pre-harvest distribution more efficient is a goal I want to achieve.


My first goal is to obtain the best result possible for the NBC. Thereby, I want to obtain my master’s degree in plant biotechnology. I would love to obtain a position in an advising organ for the government concerning Genetically Modified (GM) plants. Otherwise, I would love to obtain my PhD within a company and/or create my own company.


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