Name: Tess Poot

Age: 25

Country: Nederland

Study background: Strategic Product Design

Linkedin Profile:

About me:

Hi! I’m Tess, 25 years old and I have a background in Industrial Design Engineering. Since two years I am living in the city Rotterdam. In my free time I love to surf! When I am not on the beach I like to play tennis or cook for my friends or family.

Why I participate:

After working in a corporate environment for a year I was looking for a new challenge. A new environment where I can meet new people and work in a team to solve exiting problems. That’s why I applied for NBC. I’m looking forward to experience a new culture and to learn from my team members.


My goal for the NBC is to not only come up with a great solution that benefits both the company and the customers, but also to have a lot of fun while doing so. I hope to learn a lot and make new friends.


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Closing the Loop