Name: Tom Ijzereef

Age: 25

Country: Nederland

Study background: Business Administration, MSc & Environmental Science, MSc

Linkedin Profile:

About me:

With a background in business and environmental science, I am interested in the area where those two fields converge. Later in life, I hope to make it my profession to assist companies in their transition to a model that better suits the challenges of the future. On a more personal note, I would consider myself passionate about sports (especially football) and food, which I both like to enjoy with friends. I'm very excited to start the NBC with all of you!

Why I participate:

Because of my interest how business can achieve their goals related to sustainability, I realized that the NBC2018 was right down my lane. Especially considering the trip that lies ahead in Ghana, and working with different cultures and backgrounds on a project that links up with my interests. It seems like a great adventure and very valuable, as I would love to continue working in a related field when I finish my studies.


I hope to gain experience in a country that I have never been before, working on a project in a field that I could see myself working in later on in life. Therefore, working with different cultures and backgrounds on interesting issues would be my main goal. I hope to learn a lot about Ghana, its culture and of course about business cases in unfamiliar settings.


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