Name: Tracy Mensah

Age: 22

Country: Ghana

Study background: BSc. Business Administration (Accounting) and Project Management

Linkedin Profile:

About me:

I am your average everyday 22 year old, or am I? There is not so much to write about me except the fact that I talk a lot, I dance a whole lot and I sing a lot (although I have been told on countless occasions that my voice ain’t all that, lol heart-breaking, I still sing anyway☺). I have grown to love delicious meals, cultural exchanges, and did I mention delicious meals? However, I am a very calm and quiet lady who loves to sleep, unless there’s work to do then I am all over the place. I find new ways of going about things really fascinating and I quickly grasp opportunities to learn and grow (maybe that’s why I love Challenges!).

Why I participate:

The New Business Challenge promises to be very interesting! The cultural exchange, the privilege to have hands-on experience in an actual business case, and the opportunity to develop feasible and sustainable solutions. My exuberance to participate (which is only a bit unusual for me ☺) is because the NBC is undeniably a great growth medium; it’s definitely a way to help me understand and push myself to develop my full potential, to contribute to the realization of my dreams and aspirations. I can’t wait to see what many opportunities and privileges the NBC has in store for me!


-To establish a relationship with my teammates and other participants that goes beyond NBC.
-To fully exploit my skills and develop new ones.
-To learn; about people, culture and work, for my personal development.


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