Name: Vera Pijnenburg

Age: 23

Country: Nederland

Study background: Innovation Sciences

Linkedin Profile:

About me:

Hi, I am Vera, 23 years old and I am currently studing Innovation Sciences in Eindhoven. I play volleyball at my student association Hajraa, where I am an active member. I am very interested in sustainability concerning people, planet, profit; I like to watch documentaries about these topics, for example “One Planet”, "Chasing Corals and “What the Health”.
Next to studying and playing volleybal, I love to go on new adventures with my friends (or new made ones ;))

Why I participate:

The case of Solidaridad appealed to me straight-away, I hope to finally apply my knowledge in an empirical way and to support the SMEs in the rural areas . I think it is important to involve all stakeholders, to make a correct and sustainable choice that benefits everyone, especially for the farmers who deserve a fair wage. I am very enthusiastic to have a hands-on experience and work with a multidiscipline team on this business case!


- Involving all stakeholder in a equal way
- Improving my soft skills (teamwork, communication, presenting)
- Working with a pro-active team towards a good solution for Solidaridad!


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