Read everything about the program that is designed to maximize your development and to arrive at the best possible solution for the business case.

The next edition is in 2021.


May (1 day) 

The NBC starts off with a Kickoff day in both countries in May. 40 pre-selected candidates will be invited in each country. During this interactive and fun day you can convince the company why you should participate in the NBC. You will form a duo and work on a business case related assignment. The companies select 20 participants individually in each country after the kick-off who can participate in the NBC.

To prepare the 20 selected participants for the study trips, there is a Preparation Workshop in both countries at the end of June, where intercultural collaboration trainings will be provided.


Studytrip NL

July (10 days)

At the beginning of July you will meet your teammates in real life! The 20 Ghanaian participants come to the Netherlands for a study trip to work with their Dutch teammates. This study trip is all about getting to know each other and the business case better. There is a full program with workshops and trainings which are focused on entrepreneurship, professional development and idea generation. You will go on fieldtrips to the companies and coaches & experts are available to assist your team.

Studytrip Ghana

August (12 days) 

At the beginning of August the 20 Dutch participants go to Ghana and work with their Ghanaian teammates in Accra, Ghana. This study trip is about research on the ground, meeting with Ghanaian stakeholders and finalizing the solution. All teams  go on many field trips to visit relevant sights and experience the business case in real life. At the end of this studytrip, all teams present their final solutions in the big final at the residency of the Dutch Ambassador In Accra.

Follow up

We want you, the companies and the solutions to benefit from this program as much as possible. We encourage the companies to implement your ideas, as some companies did last year, and we want you to benefit from it as well. You will have access to internships, start-up incubators, trainings and networking events which are open for you to utilize. In September there is a Matching Day where you reflect together with the company representatives on the progress that has been made and to kick start even more job related and entrepreneurial opportunities for you.

Next to that, you will have acces to the New Career Platform: this is a dedicated place to inform you as a young talent about starting a professional career in Ghana. The platform informs you on two parts for building a professional career: job orientation and entrepreneurship.