Studytrip NL: coming to innovative ideas

After an intensive week, the studytrip NL has almost come to an end. In the last couple of days the teams worked hard on finishing their working plan to make sure they are fully prepared for the upcoming intermission period and the studytrip in Ghana. But next to that, there was enough time for fun! In the past week the participants got to know each other and their cultures better.


Company visits
On Tuesday all the teams visited the companies they are working for during the New Business Challenge Ghana. The teams got a tour through the company buildings and had the opportunity to ask the company representatives everything that was on their minds.

Workshops and collaborating

After the company visits it was time to start the creative process. The participants got a workshop idea generation which helped to come up with as many ideas as they could. Ghanaian participant Anita Boakye-Yiadom explained what made the workshops so valuable: ‘Being taken through the ideation process by the trainer was very insightful. It gave me the opportunity to brainstorm on different ideas for our problem statement. Next to that, I learned how to build on ideas of my other team members. A useful to for my life after the New Business Challenge as well’

Working plan

Part of the creative thinking was converging the many ideas into a concept. The teams selected their best ideas which helps them to validate once they are in Ghana. Because there is only limited time, the teams were asked to come up with a solid plan that will guide them throughout their studytrip in Ghana. They came up with inventing ways of using data and planning appointments with stakeholders or other involved parties.


Time to say goodbye
The Dutch participants prepared the Dutch night to experience the real Dutch culture, but then after some sightseeing in Amsterdam the Ghanaian particpants will

After a week of working very closely together and having a lot of fun, it’s almost time to say goodbye. in a little more than two weeks they will meet again in Accra. But before the Ghanaians will go back to Ghana, the Dutch participants organized the Dutch night to experience the real Dutch culture and they will do some sightseeing in Amsterdam.

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