Testimonial: Allianz Ghana

Allianz Insurance Company Ghana also joined the New Business Challenge 2019. Allianz Ghana has been in operation for over 10 years and continues to entrench itself further into consumer and commercial society. What was their motivation to join the New Business Challenge? Amanda Kpor (Broker Department) was one of the supporters of the Allianz teams during the New Business Challenge and shares her experience.

Allianz its business case focused on increasing its reliability towards customers. Allianz Ghana focuses on indemnifying its clients when they incur financial losses because of unforeseen circumstances, such as motor accidents, theft, etc. Day in day out, Allianz Ghana have been striving to improve the customer service experience for their clients, but the current service is not as reliable as it supposed to be. How could Allianz Ghana improve their reliability towards customers in an innovative way?

Fresh ideas
Amanda explains it further, ‘We were facing some challenges with regard to being reliable to our clients. So since, we had the opportunity to deal with fresh minds. We decided to seize the opportunity and see what we can actually do about it. Our aim was to get fresh ideas and not the usual ideas that we are surrounded with on a normal day’.

Applying your knowledge
Amanda shares that the young talents definitely fulfilled this aim; it boosted Allianz Ghana with new insights and innovative ideas. Moreover, if you look back on the New Business Challenge, what stood out for you most? Amanda emphasize the following: ‘The NBC is very unique because it gives young talents the opportunity to get a view of what is actually happening in the outside world. They get to face reality and they are not limited to what they learn in class. Fresh out of school, they experience some of the challenges of which companies go through as well as the challenges of employees. It allows them to apply what they’ve learned in class in a realistic setting’.

We would like to thank Allianz Ghana for their input and enthusiasm during the New Business Challenge 2019.