Daniel Dankyi is excited to share his experiences and lessons learned during  the New Business Challenge (NBC) Summer School. Daniel is a recent graduate from the University of Ghana and is currently undertaking his National Service at Standard Chartered Bank.

I was motivated to participate in the New Business Challenge because of the inspiring stories I had heard from some alumni and I am glad I took advantage of this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Based on my experience from attending certain workshops in the past, I was expecting very long and tedious days of numerous seminars and guest speakers. However, the program exceeded my expectations due to the conducive and enabling environment it provided, from accommodation, to feeding, to coaching, to amazing sessions. The business challenges, the breaks in-between, and the games we played, just to mention a few, collectively makes this one of the best organized programs I have attended by all standards.

The highpoints for me during the summer school were the connections I made and the real-life business cases I worked on. I appreciate the opportunity to meet and interact with extremely smart individuals and solution-oriented institutions. The summer school broadened my knowledge on the economic relationship between Ghana and the Netherlands and most importantly, the array of opportunities that existed for Ghanaian entrepreneurs by the Netherlands Embassy in Ghana. Furthermore, it aided in the development of my innovative skills because it pushed me to think on my feet at all times in order to come up with intelligent solutions to the business cases.

One key takeaway from the summer school is that everything is possible, instead of writing off seemingly hopeless situations, I have been challenged to always keep an open mind and view every challenge as an opportunity to develop solutions. I would undoubtedly recommend the NBC to anyone because it is a privilege to be a part of a lifetime network that helps sharpen your entrepreneurial skills and steer you towards achieving whatever you set your mind to. It is an opportunity to work in an intercultural team where you learn to appreciate different viewpoints and thought processes.

A big thank you and congratulations to our coaches and organizers, for such a wonderful experience.