Testimonial: Solidaridad

Another participant in the New Business Challenge (NBC) was Solidaridad. How was it for the organization to participate in the challenge? And what will they do with the solutions that the teams invented? Akua Benewaa Okrah (Program officer, Ghana) and Lars van Doremalen (Impact Investment manager, the Netherlands) share their experiences.

As company representatives of Solidaridad, Akua and Lars supported the teams during the challenge by providing basic knowledge about the work of Solidaridad and the context of their challenge and answering all the questions. The Solidaridad case was about how they can support SMEs twith guaranteeing their farm workers a living wage. But why did Solidaridad participate in the challenge? Lars explains: “We haven’t found a valuable solution to this challenge before our participation. In the challenge we hoped to find innovative answers to this problem. In addition, we also wanted to interest students in the NGO sector.

Akua continues: “Thanks to the challenge we found 2 possible solutions for our case that seem to be very relevant. The practical solutions will be researched further for implementation.

Ambitious participants
Both Akua and Lars were positively surprised by the ambitions and qualities of the young talents. Akua explains: “The skills set of the participants in the teams was very varied and therefore they were able to view the problem from various perspectives.

Lars continues enthusiastically: “Yes, I think that that’s what makes the New Business Challenge very unique. The approach of combining different perspectives and the participation of Dutch and Ghanaian students with visits in both countries. The strict selection process really helps to create great student teams that can come up with useful solutions to difficult problems.

We would like to thank Solidaridad for their efforts and enthusiasm during the New Business Challenge 2019.