We would like to introduce you to Veronica Agyiri, a participant of the New Business Challenge Summer School. Veronica has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies from Central University. She is now interning at Invest In Africa, where she supports local small and medium-scale enterprises (SMES) to connect with international buyers and facilitates engagements between the SMES and the organization. Veronica narrates her experience during the Summer School, which you can read here!

Participating in the NBC Summer School was a great eye-opener. I met a troop of smart, vibrant, and imaginative young individuals who are excelling in their own fields of specialization. I applied to be a part of the NBC 2021 program because I realized the initiative would place me on a competitive platform to demonstrate critical thinking and global communication skills, and guide me on how to build my own sustainable business. The entire summer school program, as expected, enlightened me on the Ghana-Netherlands relationship, it challenged me to step outside of my comfort zone and compete as existing in reality. Above everything, it taught me to look beyond and around problems in order to spot opportunities, because there is an opportunity in every problem.

The most fascinating session of the program was the visit to the Ghana Innovation Hub, where we had to work in groups to propose solutions to challenges faced by some Orange Corners entrepreneurs. I was immersed into the reality of developing business solutions. In the team, I observed an interplay of individual strengths and capacities towards the preparations and presentation of solutions. This session gave me an unforgettable experience since it was my first time working in a group to solve real-life business cases in a short amount of time.

I would recommend NBC to any young person, it is a great input into the development of one’s potential, particularly in the area of problem-solving. Now I’m able to step out of my shell and share my ideas on a variety of topics. I was selected for my current internship shortly after the NBC Summer School, and I frankly know that the experience and lessons taught me to be more expressive and confident, I can confidently say my background is no longer a restriction. NBC is the right place to be for every young upcoming professional.

Kudos to the organizers of the New Business Challenge. The world needs more of such capacity-building initiatives.