Testimonials: Tess, Monique & Wouter

We like to introduce you to Tess, Monique and Wouter. As participants of the New Business Challenge 2019 they tell you about their experiences about this exchange program. What did they learn from participation and working together to the innovative solutions? What impact had the challenge on them and what makes the challenge unique according to them? Read it here!

Tess Poot
Closing the Loop
To anyone who doubts to participate in the New Business Challenge I would like to say ‘You should definitely apply!’ Because it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity. Or at least that’s how I look at it. During my participation in the NBC I learned even more than I expected. Maybe at first it seems like any other business case, but let me tell you it is not. Not only I learned about the Ghanian culture, but also how a cultural difference influences working in a team and how to deal with this. The coaching during the NBC helped me to understand my own behaviour within the group and how I can improve myself. That is what makes the NBC unique I believe, the focus on personal growth. Growing together by working together. 

During the program I made new friends and a lot of great memories. It was an amazing experience that positively impacted my life on a personal and professional level.”

Monique Gyenfi


“Participating in the New Business Challenge is a great springboard to launch an international career in project management and also gain experience working with an intercultural team in an international environment. The challenge has taught me so much but, my learning highlight will be the art of managing the expectations, backgrounds and perspectives of individuals within an intercultural team. I am more confident now of my newly improved negotiation skills.

The New Business Challenge is unique because of the extensive coaching sessions participants are introduced to. The coaches were really great in helping us understand and navigate our different environments and were instrumental in our solution building. 

Personally, international exposure with regards to my career and personal development was one of the biggest impacts the New Business Challenge had on me. I will forever cherish the new friendships built, the expanded network gained and the wonderful opportunity to work on providing sustainable solutions to an international problem.”


Wouter van ‘t Grunewold 

“The biggest learning experience I gained in the NBC was that there are way more opportunities and challenges out in the world besides all the theoretical assumptions you learn in school. Next to this, I also learned how to be flexible in group assignments and how to work in intercultural and multidisciplinary teams. Participating in the challenge impacted me also in my professional communication skills next to meeting wonderful and inspiring people from the Netherlands and Ghana.

I would recommend anybody to participate, even if you’re doubting. The New Business Challenge Ghana provides you with amazing experiences, close friendships and a way to be adventurous without having to organise everything by yourself since there is great guidance and coaching involved in this program.”