Virtual Business Challenge: “I discovered my passion for International Cooperation”

The Virtual Business Challenge was organized with over 48 New Business Challenge (NBC) alumni joining in June. Twelve teams worked together in cross-cultural teams to provide a solution for two business cases, all facilitated online. Isa Beauchampet, a participant of NBC 2019 looks back on her experience during the Virtual Business Challenge. Isa is a sustainable development graduate who is currently working for the Dutch government on the issue of nitrogen excess. 

The Virtual Business Challenge was organized just in time. I was looking for ways to reconnect again with my Ghanaian friends and colleagues and more importantly, it was a great opportunity to help a Ghanaian business using the current COVID-19 crisis as an opportunity.

My main concerns ​prior to the virtual challenge were how smoothly a program like this could be run ​online, and how exhausting an entire day of intense video-calling would be. However, the Virtual Business Challenge was very well organized with very little technical issues. Kudos to GNBCC and Sustainable Motion for organizing and sustaining this program.

​It was a very productive and exciting day! The organizing bodies were able to keep participants focused and enthused. I was really excited when participants had to present their ideas the business owners. Pitching is always nerve-wracking, but it is ​very fulfilling to see the enthusiastic reaction of the business-owners.

Through the NBC I learned how to collaborate with people from very different backgrounds. I also discovered my passion for international cooperation in the field of sustainable development. I would therefore recommend the NBC to young professionals. It is an amazing opportunity to expand your creativeness and innovativeness. It is also a great opportunity to experience intercultural and interdisciplinary collaboration. Furthermore, you get to build long-lasting friendships.

The NBC is all about discovering new sustainable business opportunities and maximizing the entrepreneurial potential for participants, as such, more workshops around the themes of the job market and entrepreneurship will be organized by the New Career Platform. Visit the New Career Platforms events to stay up to date about future workshops and programs.