Virtual Business Challenge: A hospital in your pocket

Health Direct Global was one of the entrepreneurs joining for the first edition of the Virtual Business Challenge 2020. Their digital health platform has a direct connection with the Covid-19 situation as they make it possible for patients to have on-demand access to health service providers for remote care that reduces the risk of possible spread of Covid-19 in hospitals and public spaces. With the help of the NBC alumni, they were looking for ways to promote a proactive healthcare approach for its users on the digital platform. Six strong teams joined the Virtual Business Challenge to counter Covid-19 creatively on Saturday 27 June – what did they come up with? 

Talking to Kelvin Ashie, Founder of Health Direct Global, about their experiences with the Virtual Business Challenges and the proposed solutions by the teams. “It’s a great initiative because it provided us with a unique outside perspective. It was an alternative channel for us through which we received many ideas and the majority of the ideas were very useful”, Kelvin explained.

What struck Kelvin was the diversity of the alumni: “Combining the knowledge and expertise of Dutch and Ghanaian young talents into one team, you get a much unbiased perspective. Each team has 4 members so you know that it’s thought through and bounced off within the team”. The six teams went from a brainstorm, through a funnel exercise to pitching their best idea to Health Direct Global, all in the time frame of 8-hours and by online cooperation. The winning team ‘Spartans’ came up with a comprehensive 3-month campaign ‘A hospital in your pocket’. Kelvin is excited about all the input by the different teams: “They took a lot of factors into account, which is incredible in such a short amount of time.”

We are of course wondering what Health Direct Global is planning to do with the solutions? “We need to see which ideas are most attractive as well as which ones to adopt first. Some ideas will be implemented now and others will be implemented later. This also has a lot to do with the planning for us, as a company so a bit of matchmaking is necessary. We are currently connecting them and seeing where we can work with”. Some of the ideas proposed by the alumni were similar to existing ideas within the Health Direct Global team but this is still an advantage, Kelvin explains: “There were similar ideas but this also shows that these ideas are relevant enough. It’s a confirmation for us as a team as well”.


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