Virtual Business Challenge: Meet our coaches!

The novel Covid-19 has disrupted most businesses in many countries. In spite of that, one truth that cannot be disregarded is that this has accelerated the shift to virtual workplaces and virtual meetings. The New Business Challenge will also go digital with the Virtual Business Challenge: Alumni Countering Covid Creatively, starting tomorrow! It will be characterized by Ghanaian and Dutch NBC alumni generating ideas in mixed teams on Covid-19 related business cases for entrepreneurs in Ghana.

As exciting as that sounds, it can only be a complete success with our coaches available throughout the day with their expertise to guide participants. Coaches have been known to train, guide and inspire their team to keep going until they achieve their very best. The Virtual Business Challenge is grateful to have these two experts in their individual fields and who stop at nothing until targets are reached. Let’s meet:

Jemila Adulai, the creative director and founder of the award winning This digital platform was created in 2007 and is committed to meaningful insights and interactions related to the African continent. Jemila has a background in economics, has a ton of experience in the digital sphere and never stops exploring through her frequent travelling adventures. Jemila is a driven coach who will ask you the tough questions – which allows you to grow by reflection. She is an inspiration especially to young ladies and will leave you striving to be the very best version of your unique self. Jemila brings you out of your comfort zone and acquaints you with another dimension of unlimited possibilities. Her entrepreneurial spirit is contagious! A genuine influencer.

Diwy Tomassen gained experience in Central America as general manager for the non-profit organisation Niños the Guatemala after which she successfully transitioned to customer success manager at 1%Club; a do-good crowdfunding platform. Currently she is a programme manager for Crosswise Works, a social enterprise that prides itself for working as social impact builders by creating positive connections within organisations, people and teams. Diwy is an enthusiastic coach with eye for detail, she knows just the right thing to say at the right time. Diwy encourages you and always acknowledges your efforts. After a coaching session with Diwy, you will feel listened to and empowered, Diwy motivates people to reach for the stars – and beyond! A real motivator.